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Synonym of elegance, style and romance, Hazar is the exclusive couture bridal boutique named after its creator, Madame Hazar.

Headquartered in Dubai, the boutique currently employs a “world class” staff of 95 employees, working in production, management, admin and sales. Committed to scout and retain talent, our boutique is made of seasoned professionals with experience in 5 different gulf continents, adding a cultural flair to the expertise of the company.

In 1980, Hazar established her first atelier and boutique, allowing her to design and produce 100% handmade unique bridal gowns. The debut collection was the result of her total dedication to mastering the art of couture tailoring, design and pattern construction in Germany and Italy. It was also here, in the heart of Europe, where western influences in cut and line met with Hazar’s Middle Eastern taste and flair…, the rest is history as a unique fashion house was born.

Throughout the years, Hazar’s atelier has developed and created a wider range of innovative bridal collections, consisting of classical designs with a contemporary – yet subtle – twist. Her unique approach has also attracted attention from many members of Royal families within the Gulf region.

Hazar takes pride in the sheer luxury and quality of her designs. Each piece is a real masterpiece, created with the world’s finest fabrics which are sourced directly from France, Italy and Switzerland. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the premium brand for the finest crystals, is Hazar’s only choice used for her signature crystal embroidery. Currently located along Dubai’s exclusive, Jumeirah Beach – the city’s answer to Rodeo Drive- Hazar boutique is a landmark among the couture boutiques and exclusive restaurants. This exclusive strip of retail luxury enjoys not only a stunning beach view, but also the patronage of the regions’ most sophisticated customers.

While Hazar is highly exclusive and prides itself upon the quality of personal service provided to each individual customer, it is also the biggest bridal producer in the Gulf Region. The sumptuous Dubai-based boutique is set in a large beachside villa which has been converted to provide three spacious levels of showrooms that collectively are over 10,000 square feet in size. The stunning interior design of the villa is contemporary, with color schemes of black, silver and white.

This impressive setting houses a collection of over 200 bridal dresses. Each design is unique, because it is designed and produced only once. Since the dresses are exclusive, they are not displayed publicly. Alternatively, a careful selection of gowns is showcased once the taste and request of the customer is revealed.

With plans to expand within and beyond the region, Hazar will soon be an elegant fixture among the bridal and evening wear elite in many major cities across the world.

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